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Nevertheless not confident why you need to stoke the flames of our upcoming new ability, Invention? Properly, sit back and enable Mod

Osborne to fire your creative spark in thisNeighborhood Highlights

From GameBlast to RuneFest, Mods MattHe, Kalaya, Neena and Jon appear back on a superb year of neighborhoodcommunity content.

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Castle Wars gold ticket per game.
Extra 600 daily bonus points in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza.
Double points from Pest Control/Conquest.
Double Bonus XP and gamble rewards in Barbarian Assault.
Bosses killed in Dominion Tower count as two for the purposes of reward unlocks.
Double produce points at Livid Farm.
Double points from Stealing Creation.
Double Zeal from Soul Wars.
Extra points and +1 medals from Fish Flingers.
Enjoy the weekend, folks!

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