This scooter can get forward and backward

It has built with gyroscope and accelerometer. This is them major reason for stable and simple and easy riding
Learn to ride it under five minutes. Most of the buyers learned i in only 2 minutes.
This scooter can get forward and backward, which most of this scooters don’t do.
Self calibration function. No self balance kid scooter has this function.
This doesn’t break in case you bump on the Balance Hoverboard contour few time but other scooters are very easily breakable
Smooth balancing and brakes

Self balancing Scooter

Self balancing Scooter


This device is best for all age groups, from 8 year previous kids to 50 12 months old people. Even a 9 yr kid who weighed 225 lb has learned to make use of it under 5 a few minutes. This shows how easy it’s to ride a Zyrodrone Z1.